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DanceSport Asia Limited (DSA) Gives WDSF’s Asian Member Bodies a Strong Voice in WDSF and in Asia

DanceSport Asia (DSA) on 25 August 2019, a newly-constituted and truly representative Asian Continental Federation for DanceSport.  The DSA Presidium was elected August 25, 2019 based on a democratic nomination process and good governance. A true testimony of the DSA’s principle of inclusiveness and broad participation, the DSA Presidium which was elected comprises 14 different countries’ WDSF DanceSport bodies across 

Asia. DanceSport Asia Limited was incorporated on 19 July 2019, as a “company limited by guarantee” under Singapore Law.  This step had been approved by the unanimous vote of a World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) Asian Member bodies’ information meeting in Budapest in June 2019.  

It was also confirmed at that time that draft By-Laws would be passed and office-holders elected at the new company’s first Extraordinary General Meeting, to be held in Singapore on 25 August 2019.

The newly elected office-holders are: 

President : Crossen YIN Guo Chen (China)
General Secretary : John FAM (Malaysia)
Treasurer : ANG Ai Nee (Singapore)
Sports Director : George TAN (Malaysia)
Communication Director : Kabdulla BAIZHANOV (Kazakhstan)
Vice-President of Marketing : Jimmy SU Jie (China)
Vice-President of Development : Fanny TANUDIHARDJA (Indonesia)
Vice-President of Membership : CHANG Hwan Choi  (South Korea)
Committee Members : Representatives from the following countries: Philippines, Lebanon, Mongolia, Macau, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, and India.

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