Our goal, with this site, is to provide our visitors with an easy way to learn about the Lebanese DanceSport Federation, its mission, vision and benefits. It will also allow them the ability to apply for membership, sign up for events or just contact us.

The website also offers the capacity to conduct searches, throughout the Lebanon, of our affiliated schools and teams. Current and prospective members of the LDSF will find useful information about news, courses, seminars, events throughout the site.


The Lebanese DanceSport Federation (LDSF) refers to the Local Governing Body of DanceSport.

LDSF was originally founded in 2000. It is a Non-Govermental Organization constituted under the Lebanese Law. It has its headquarters in Ain Mont La Salle.


The mission of LDSF is to regulate, administer and develop DanceSport for the benefit of Thousands of athletes at every level and on all regions.

 “To preserve and promote the arts of dance as a cultural tradition and sport throughout the Lebanon and abroad”


To create opportunities for all styles of dance teams to express and develop themselves, through friendly regional, national, and international training & exchanges, enrichment programs, and quality tournaments with the highest standards.”


  • President: Mr. Dany Ibrahim
  • Vice President: Mrs. Nina Sfeir
  • General Secretary: Mr. Habib Atallah
  • Treasurer: Mrs. Hala Moussawer
  • Technical Director: Mrs. Chantal Rabay
  • Counselor: Mr. Pierre Dib
  • Counselor: Mrs. Mireille Karam Daher

LDSF Membership in other Organizations



  • Adjudicators Committee
  • Trainers Committee
  • Organizing Committee
  • Media & Communication Committee
  • Sanctions Committee
  • Foreign Affairs Committee
  • Social Dance Committee
  • Rock’N Roll Committee

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